Practice non-violent response

The purpose of this site is to …

help people recognise their spiritual connection and use the principles of Truth, Love, Power and Intelligence in every aspect of their lives resulting in the use of non-violent methods when responding to life situations.



share the power

Personal Development to achieve 

Universal Super Consciousness!


The struggle to figure out your place in the world is one of the most important personal development issues we all face.

I'm a SOLUTIONIST that can help you to reconnect with the Universal Consciousness!

What does a Solutionist do?

Uses problem solving methods to find a solution to a problem!

So, how does it work?

A Solutionist must adopt a correct mental attitude.

Some of the guiding 'mind-sets' of a Solutionist are;

  • A Problem is only a problem until you find a solution!
  • You cannot fix one problem by creating another one, unless you are a scientist!!


The prayer of a Solutionist.
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference!

I help people find solutions to their problems that maximise results for effort and minimise costs.


Re-connecting with the Universal Super Consciousness!

It's not magic! But the mystics of old knew how to use Natural Law to solve problems and appeared magical to the people of the time.

These techniques are available to everyone!

'Share the Power'

One problem everyone has to deal with is Conflict in Relationships.

Conflict in any relationship happens when we try to gain power over another person, or group of people. It is the struggle to hold onto power, or regain power, that is at the root of all conflict.

Hence, the solution is 'Share the Power'!

When you openly share the power, there is no conflict. There is no need to struggle to maintain your position or compete with other people because everyone gets to feel in control and, therefore, powerful!

'Share the Power' personal development is about helping people become who they are meant to be.

Struggling to gain power over others is fruitless. You may achieve some small success, but it is an illusion. We only gain power and authority if someone else gives it to us. So, it can be taken away!

When you share power using non-violent techniques, it returns to you ten-fold!

Often we allow fear or doubt to hold us back from fulfilling our destiny. Let go of the fear and move forward into your future by getting in touch with your Higher Self. Develop the Higher Sense Perception (HSP) available to anyone who seeks it.

You don't have to spend years studying ancient rituals or joining a secret society!

Practice non-violent methods and become who you are meant to be now!

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