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About Dragon Web Store

Dragonweb is the joint project of Elizabeth Sturgess-Myers and Phillip Myers.

This site is the result of our work over the last 25 years and began with our opening of a Healing Centre in Warrnambool which we called "Mother Earth's Healing Centre".

As is the nature of things when working within the flow of the Universal Energy, the timing of things is fluid and constantly changing.

The 'Dragonweb' brand began about 10 years ago as an idea with no direction and has been through a few incarnations. In it's current form, it is to provide an outlet fo products we make or support.

Spiritual Awareness

It is the recognition and acceptance of the importance of a 'spiritual awareness' and its role in our lives that drives our lives forward and keeps this project alive.

A spiritual consciouness is what helps us understand the world and our place in it. A 'Spiritual Awareness' has nothing to do with religion, although it does recognise our connection with the divine and its expression in the physical world,

We do not promote any dogma other than the inclination towards living a non-violent lifestyle in harmony with the divine consciousness.

Wholistic Healing

Wholistic Healing is the healing of the Mind, Body and Spirit as represented by the Tirquerta Symbol which sits above the head of the dragon as his crown. Modern medicine must adopt this approach or forever fail in its endeavour.


Shungite is a special mineral deposit that exist at only one place on this planet and appears to have miraculous properties. Some propose that all life on this planet started when the shungite meteor collided with this planet and deposited the necessary energy into the existing lifeforms and created a new form of life.

We are dedicated to providing the best possible products and services we can find at the best possible price.

About Phillip

Phillip trained and worked as a Psychiatric Nurse in 1980-90's. During this time he worked in Psycho-Geriatrics, Psycho-Social Rehabilitation, Secure Specialist Care and the Acute Treatment facility of a local Mental Hospital in rural Victoria. In 1993, he was introduced to alternative healing systems in the form of Reiki and completed his Level I and II training. In 1994 he completed his Reiki Teacher training delivering workshops throughout the South-West of Victoria and South-East South Australia. He and Elizabeth opened 'Mother Earth's Healing Centre' in Warrnambool in late 1993.

Since that time he has offered, Spiritual Guidance and Assistance to people in crisis within his local community. He has studied Tarot used as a therapeutic tool as well as Shiatsu, Kinesiology, Chanting and Meditation.

As part of his quest for a truly wholistic approach towards assisting people to heal their 'dis-ease' condition, he proposes that most 'dis-ease' conditions are created in the interface between the mind and spirit. A disorder of the mind or spirit creates the imbalance in the physical body. This is in line with the Eastern Philosophies and teachings of Buddhism and Taoism. He also draws from the teachings of other Western Philosophers who recognise the existence of the 'ether', or 'Dark Matter' and 'Dark Energy' as described in quantum physics.

He has been working with a system of learning known as 'The Science of Higher Sense Perception (HSP)'.