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Health & Healing

Health is more than the absence of illness or disease, and the presence of disease is not necessarily a sign of illness or lack of health.

This understanding is at the core of our healing philosophy. We make use of ancient and modern forms of healing drawing from both the conventional sciences and our understanding of the workings of the energies contained within the ether or Dark Energy.

The Dark Energy is sciences way of describing the energy that cannot be seen or measured. Combined with Dark Matter, this makes up around 95% of the universe. In our tradition it is known as the ether and many people feel and experience what goes on in this realm. These people are the spiritualists, healers, shaman and mystics.

For many millenia, these people guided and directed society in all its forms to stay within the rules of the universal energy.. In our modern age they are regarded as charlattans and tricksters, not to be trusted.

In order to experience true health and healing we must work within the rules of the universal consciousness.

Science is the study of the nature of the universe, learning its laws and how to best interact within them. So, we are universal scientists that study the healing arts.

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