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Using energy to promote optimum health and healing using ancient methods has a long and beneficial history.

As science is now recognising that the universe consists a various forms of energy. Science rcognises that it can only explain soewhere around 5% of the universe. So, 95% is unexplained. Thet refer to this unexplained substance as Dark Matter and Dark Energy. It has been given this title because of sciences inablility to detect it with existing technology, not because of any malevolent influence.

Many ancient systems of healing make use of energies from within this realm as part of their practice. The trouble is that much of these substances cannot be validated by science using its current technology. Therefore, it remains unsubstantiated. That does not mean it does not exist. Just science cannot prove it exists with empirical evidence.

It also means that science cannot prove that those energies and substance don't exist.

What science can prove is that our physical structure is made up of differently vibrating energy. Therefore, a healing system that treats people from an energetic base is a valid system.

Many of these systems are incredibly ancient with anecdotal evidence extending back thousands of years. For instance, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a long history and documented system of treatment based on an energetic understanding of the physical body.

Within the western tradition, much of those documented systems have been destroyed by the Christian church and the scientific community.

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