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Any activity that helps you gain a deeper understanding or yourself and your relationship to the universal consciousness.

Spiritual Health and Healing is an ancient practice going back to beginning of human consciouness on this planet.

Much to the consternation of physical scientists, the practice continues in this madern age desite the fact it cannot be proven or disproven by modern science.

There is much evidence in the ancient sciences for the existence of a system of practice that taps into the etheric world, the world of Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

Spirituality and Spiritualism is more than the systems of religious belief that try to control and harness the power of spiritual practice. These religious systems belong in the realms of men and are divergent from the world of spirit. The spiritual realm belongs to the Supreme Being, Universal Life Force Energy, Universal Consciousness or God, if you prefer.

As such, the physical sciences are a part of that consciousness and it is unlikely that it will ever achieve an understanding of the Universal Consciousness.

The Triquerta, Unity or Celtic Cross, symbol shown on the right represents the relationship between the three planes of existence on this planet. The three planes are;Triquerta

  • Physical
  • Energetic, and
  • Spiritual.

As a universal symbol, it is common in many cultures with some variation and is sometimes referred to as the Celtic Knot. However, it a far more significant symbol. It represents the elements of the divine consciousness. The 'Father, Son and Holy Spirit' in the Christian tradition is one of the more common.

The symbol was popularised by the TV show 'Charmed' with Alyssa Milano resulting in many an aspiring young witch sporting the symbol.

For our usage and context, it represents the state of the divine consciousness at the physical level.

I became a Reiki Teacher in 1993 and am still working towards my mastery of living and teaching about how to live within the influence of the Universal Lifeforce Energy. Being a Reiki Practitioner is easy, living within the code is a little more challenging.

I have stopped asking for a fee for my healing work, but ask for an exchange of energy. Whatever that may be!

Spirit abhores a vacuum and will fill it as required.


My philosophy is:

"All dis-ease has its source within the spirit, so all healing must come from the spirit."

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