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Hiking Staff

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Hiking Staff

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Hiking staff made from Tasmanian Oak and manufactured in Australia


Hiking staff manufactured to your specification in Australia by our resident craftsman.

It is made from a piece of Tasmanian Oak 1200mm long. Each piece is carefully selected for closeness of grain indicating a stronger piece of timber without any defects that could weaken it.

The staff is then shaped and sanded. Then it is soaked in double boiled linseed oil until the oil has penetrated fully into the grain of the timber. This also improves the strength of the timber reducing its likelihood to crack or splinter during use. It also gives it a silky feel to the touch.

The grip areas are then prepared with 1mm grooves carved into the wood to recieve the hand-grips.

The grips are made from 4mm 550lb Paracord in either black or Green Camouflage.

The central grip is positioned in the centre of the staff to provide a reference point when used to defend yourself. This grip is woven in a 3 bight. 4 lead Torks Head using 2 meters of paracord.

The top grip is positioned at around 900 - 1000mm high and woven in a 6 bight 12 lead Turks Head. It also has a 12-16mm marble or steel ball covered with paracord woven into a Monkey Fist knot. This provides a handy grip when used in certain techniques.

In total, each staff takes around 5 hours to manufacture.

They can be used as a hiking staff when bushwalking,or as a defensive weapon.

It is not illegal to carry a hiking staff or walking stick. How much force you use to stop or prevent an attack is the only issue you may face.

Like any situation involving the use of force will carry consequences.

My son said he wanted one for the impending 'Zombie Apocalypse'!

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