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Triquerta Charm

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Triquerta Charm

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Triquerta or Trinity Knot represents the trinity symbol in all its manifestations. It is significant that it is recognised and seen as important in many religions


Triquerta symbol is significant in many cultures. It was made popular by the 'Charmed' TV series by the 3 young 'witches' and is referred to as the Celtic Knot. The Trinity Knot signifies the endless relationship of the divine number 3 bound together in an endless flow in complete harmony. It is the 'Father-Son-Holy Spirit' of the Christian tradition as well as the 'Sun-Moon-Earth' in the Wiccan tradition. It the basic shape within the Flower of Life and when reversed and overlayed upon itself forms the six pointed star and symbol of the Archangel Raziel, the guardian of God's secret knowledge and patron of the Dragon.
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