Wooden Staff – 1200mm


Tasmanian Oak wooden staff – 1200mm



<p>Wooden Staff – 1200mm long.</p>
<p>The staff is made from Tasmanian Oak hardwood. It is impregnated with Double Boiled Linseed Oil and coated with Beeswax.</p>
<p>Or, you can buy a Raw’ stick if you want to treat it yourself.</p>
<p>There is also an option to have a Paracord grip fitted in the colour of your choice.</p>
<p>Staff can be used as a hiking staff or for self defence training.</p>
<p>My son suggested they would be great in the zombie apocalypse!! :)</p>
<p>I think he watches too much of ‘The Walking Dead'</p>

Additional information

Paracord handgrip

None, Black, Green Cam


Sanded, Linseed, Linseed and Beeswax


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