Reiki Spiritual Healing

Our Natural State of Being

Every person is an inter-galactic light being who has chosen to manifest on this earthly plane with the express purpose of learning about physical existence in a 3 dimensional body.

We come to this plane with understanding already gained through existences in other realities and life-times spent in the Earth plane.

The physical body we inhabit in this plane is a vessel to enable our souls to experience the 3D energies of the Earth plane.

Within our understanding, all dis-ease of the physical vessel is brought about by a blockage of energy flow in the spiritual energy body either from past life experiences or current beliefs gathered in this life-time. These blockages prevent us from fully expressing our natural state, that of an unlimited universal light being.

We can choose to remain bound by the 3D existence or to become closer to our natural state within the 3D experiences.

Returning to our Natural State

Reiki is a form of Spiritual healing that promotes a return to our natural state of being by removing blockages preventing that return.

The interface between our spiritual form and our physical bodies contains an energetic blueprint for the expression of our physical form. These energetic patterns govern how our physical body develops and maintains itself. Many different modalities including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM),Shiatsu Massage, Acupuncture and Chiron Healing recognise these energy patterns and have various techniques for the treating practitioner to use to remove or correct imbalances.

These energetic forms are described by many different systems of healing and are unimportant to the Reiki Practitioner.

In western medicine, the return to a state of balance and harmony is referred to as a process of homeostasis, ‘a state of dynamic balance’. Our physical systems have become quite adept at creating new levels of homeostasis which can be an expression of a state of disease, e.g., a person’s new state of elevated ‘blood pressure’ can become a point of homeostasis that the body maintains and does not respond to treatment because the body perceives the elevated level as the ‘normal’ state.

When a Reiki treatment is received, the soul reminds the spirit of what the ‘natural state’ should be and a ‘healing crisis’ is stimulated. Once the crisis is overcome, a return to a natural state is achieved.

As practitioners of Reiki, we do not diagnose or treat a person for a disease. We act as a chanel for the transmission of energy from the Universal Life Force to assist with the removal of blockages preventing us from expressing our natural state of being.

A Reiki treatment will not remove or interfere in a disease state that is a part of a chosen lesson or life-path for a person’s soul growth.